Set Snow to Materials

This is an advanced section to quickly add snow to all of your materials used in the game.

First, you should collect all game materials by clicking the button: Collect Game Materials. After that, you should look into the list of the Materials to Change, and remove those materials that should not be affected by snow. (For example particles).

When you are satisfied with the result, hit the Set Snow to Materials button. This will add the Snow Function to the materials.

You can also add the snow function manually, by adding the Snow_Func MaterialFunctionCall into a material. Its input is a MaterialAttribute, and its output as well.

Make sure to use Material Attributes in your material to easily connect it. The checkbox can be found in the material properties.

  • Collect Game Materials
    • Collect all used game materials from all actors that have primitive components. Be careful, particles also have primitive components, so particle materials will also be collected. This function will not add the snow yet, but is just a helper function to quickly collect all used materials ingame.
  • Set Snow to Materials
    • Adds the snow function to all materials in the Materials to Change array. Run the Collect Game Materials function first before running this one, or manually add some materials to the Materials to Change. This function will not add another Snow Function to a materials if it already has one.
  • Include Plugin Materials
    • Include materials from plugins
  • Include Engine Materials
    • Include materials from the engine.
  • Materials to Change
    • This array contains a reference to the materials that need to have the snow applied on them. It will automatically be filled with the Collect Game Materials function, but can also be manually filled in.