Level Lights

EasySky allows users to define lights that should be toggled on and off during day/night transitions. These lights can either be stationary or movable. It’s even possible to include blueprint classes, so users can easily add asset blueprints that contain meshes and lights.

Lights that are placed in the level must be tagged with a specific tag used for light toggling. This tag can be set in the properties, and is by default “DynamicLight”.

Preview of level lights triggered during a night transition. The lantern is a blueprint with a stationary light included.

  • Lights Toggle Time
    • The time it takes in minutes to toggle all lights during a day/night transition. Lights are triggered in random order, but lights grouped by a blueprint will be triggered all at once.
      The order of toggle is equal for all clients and server, and is replicated.
  • Dynamic Light Tag
    • The tag to give lights that need to be toggled during transition.
  • Extra classes to check for lighting
    • Here the user can define blueprint classes that need to be toggled during day/night transition. Please note that these classes will only be checked during level load, so spawned actors will not be included (maybe in the future).
  • Toggle Emissive Material Property
    • When true, the system will also change scalar Emissive parameter values in the materials of the actors in the Extra classes to check for lighting.
      The value must be a scalar, and will be changed between 0 (off) and 1 (on).
  • Material Emissive Parameter Tag
    • The scalar parameter name to be used in the materials.

      Lantern Blueprint used in the example: The blueprint contains 1 stationary light to light the environment. The material contains a scalar parameter value named Emissive, that multiplies the emissive color (Name can be changed in the Material Emissive Parameter Tag field). This will toggle the light on and off during day- and night time. The blueprint class is added in the “Extra classes to check for lighting” section.