Actor References

Actor references are useful if you already have actors in your level that you want to configure for the Skybox to be used, in stead of the integrated components within the blueprint. It’s much cleaner in the outliner and easier to tweak the settings, since you can just select the actors in the world outliner, rather than selecting the components in the blueprint.

All these references are optionally though.

  • Sun Light Actor
    • The Directional light that should be used as the main Sunlight.
      • This light must have its mobility setting set to Movable
      • The checkbox “Atmosphere Sun Light” must be enabled for this light, in order to make the fog work correct.
  • Moon Light Actor
    • The Directional Light used for the Moonlight.
      • This light must have its mobility setting set to Movable
  • Sky Light Actor
    • This can reference a Sky Light Actor from your scene.
      • The Sky Light’s mobility setting must be set to Movable
      • The Sky capture source (Source Target) must be set to “Use specific Cubemap”
  • Exp Height Fog Actor
    • The fog actor that should be referenced
  • Custom Post-Process Volume
    • Reference a post-process volume and use these settings.
    • If this is not filled in (None), it will use it’s pre-defined post-process settings.