Welcome to the EasySky V2 homepage. EasySky V2 is a plugin for Unreal Engine 4.
This Multiplayer Ready Dynamic Day Night Cycle can be found in the UE4 Marketplace.

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Most recent documentation and update notes:

Version 2.5 ( 08-06-2023)

  • Added Load and Save functions
  • Fixed some missing pins in the “MakeWeatherScenarioFromCurrentSettings” function
  • Added load/save and speed increase/decrease examples to the example map

Older releases:

Version 2.4 ( 20-05-2023)

  • Added UE 5.2 support

Version 2.3 ( 12-03-2023)

  • Small bugfixes

Version 2.2 ( 03-01-2023)

  • Fixed bug with dedicated server builds

Version 2.1 ( 23-12-2022)

  • Added BP_TemperatureVolume blueprint
  • Added temperature volumes
  • Cleaned up Puddles_Func function
  • Added Temperature preview post-process material
  • Fixed White card effect visible when lightning flashes. (UE 5.1+ only)
  • Added floor collision level for rain and snow. For example when you don’t want rain/show under sea level.
  • Added better Occlusion Actors debugging (Debug -> Debug Print Occlusion Actors)
  • Added temperature debug print type
  • Added Snow increase speed parameter to control how fast snow starts to form and melt
  • Fixed star rotation to be more realistic.
  • Removed Win32 support (Legacy as of UE 5.03)
  • Updated ExampleMap with temperature volume examples

Version 1.3 ( 12-03-2022)

  • Fixed issue with thunder lighting not working.
  • Removed log errors about WBP_Date.
  • Small fixes to the example map.
  • Added support for UE5 version Preview 2.
  • UE5 binaries have been updated to the latest version.

Version 1.2 ( 16-12-2021)

  • The moon is no longer translucent in the shadow side.
  • Stars can now rotate.
  • UE5 binaries have been updated to the latest version.

Version 1.1 ( 09-12-2021)

  • Fixed crash when using button to add snow function to materials

Version 1.0 Release ( 26-11-2021)

  • Initial release of EasySky V2